SpaBoss Chlor-Aid

An alternative to chlorine, Bromine is designed for the higher temperatures that are present in hot tubs/spas.

Hot tub Chlorine tablets can effectively eliminate the harmful bacteria and make your spa healthier.
Spaboss chlorine comes in Tablet and chlorine granules, each with their own benefits:

Spaboss Chlorine SPA TABS:​  

  • Concentrated slow dissolving Trichloro Chlorine tablets.
  • 90% available chlorine
  • small 20g tablets fit in floating dispenser, skimmer or chlorinator

Spaboss CHLOR-AID:​

  • Quick dissolving oxidation treatment
  • Bromine blended product creating instant active bromine
  • Controls Bacteria
SpaBoss Spa Tabs

SpaBoss chlorine

for Hot Tubs/Spas